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C.A.S.A.’s youth soccer program (Youth Classic) further supports our mission by exposing these talents to Coaches/Scouts, thus, proving a one stop shop for soccer talent. Every December, CASA in Partnership with The City of Lauderhill puts on a Youth Soccer showcase at to the Lauderhill Sports Park located in Lauderhill, Florida. This youth soccer event will facilitate Coaches/Scouts from all over the United States of America who come to evaluate players and their talents. This tournament is open to boys ages 15-19 years old. The three day event is in a tournament format and gives team competitive games, while affording an opportunity to impress the Coaches/Scouts. The outstanding play and the sportsmanship that characterize outstanding soccer provide plenty of enjoyment for the players and fans alike.



Rank Teams Played Won Lost Drawn Diff GD Points Current form
1 Miami Rush Kendall SC U-19 2 1 0 1 8 - 4 4 4 DW???
2 CASA U20 2 1 0 1 7 - 5 2 4 DW???
3 Port St. Lucie U19 2 0 2 0 3 - 9 -6 0 LL???

  • Youth Classic: The Tournament system will be applied and the ranking of teams shall be determined as follows:


(i) greatest number of points obtained in all matches;

            (ii) goal difference in all matches;

            (iii) head to head competition;

            (iv) greatest number of goals scored in all matches.


                If two or more teams are on equal based on the above four criteria, their rankings shall be determined as follows:

                (i) fair play point system, in which the number of yellow and red cards each team has received is evaluated.

                (ii) Should two teams still remain equal under these terms, penalty kicks will be taken from the penalty mark, immediately after the match, to determine the final ranking.


                Duration of game shall be 80 minutes, consisting of two (2) equal halves 40 minutes each,

and a half time break of ten (10) minutes. During the final game if both teams are on equal       basis extra time of ten (10) minutes in each half will be played, and if it remains without a result penalty kicks will be taken.

Winner of each game will be awarded 3 points and in a draw game each team will be awarded a point. All teams will be allowed eighteen (18) players for each game and substitution of seven (7) players including the goal keeper. NO IN AND OUT OF PLAYERS DURING THE GAME WILL BE ALLOWED.   

Day 5 - Sunday 12-15-2019